A fabulous new You is waiting to emerge in Hoi An. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel younger and more attractive, have more energy, create new habits, enjoy a pampering makeover or just rediscovering vibrant good health, you most probably need some help to achieve your desired outcome. This is where I come in.

I can give support that is flexible, fun and free from denial and excessive discipline. I can guide you to make gradual, lifelong changes that are sustainable, healthy and will have you bursting with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Add to that an exotic, tropical overseas venue, how could you not take advantage of this great package deal?

Hoi An is a destination town on the coast of Central Vietnam. The Ancient Town section of Hoi An is World Heritage listed and recognised by UNESCO for it’s history, architecture and beauty. It is located on the Thu Bon River but still only 4 klms to beautiful, tropical beaches. It is renowned as a shopping mecca, especially for custom made clothes, shoes and leather goods and is a culinary delight for foodies. The countryside around Hoi An boasts some of the most picturesque scenery in Vietnam and is easily accessible by bicycle as the terrain is very flat. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and cooking schools abound as do day spas with every treatment under the sun available.

You will be indulged with massages and facials (manicures and pedicures, inexpensive dental treatments, cosmetic tattooing, threading etc also available) after your regular but rewarding morning exercise whilst exploring a beautiful destination off the traditional tourist track (not all at the same time) and eating healthy, fresh, local food in between some retail therapy. And yes, sunset drinks will be happening everyday also because I don’t believe in deprivation. This is an affordable, nourishing and nurturing journey that will expand your taste buds and luggage but will have you leaving happier, healthier, glowing with youth and vitality and sustainable benefits from the guidance and support you received in fabulous Hoi An.

hoian-oldtown-bikeWhat do you have to lose? At the very least, I can promise that you will have fun whilst embracing a new exotic culture and return home inspired with the knowledge that you are the only person responsible for your health. You will also be more than equipped and inspired to maintain and sustain the new You!